Saturday, December 6, 2014

You know what burns my bum.....

YTattoo artists that don't know shit about tattoo history or slam icons that made the tattoo industry what it is today. I've worked with people who say Ed Hardy sucked as a tattooist!!!! R U KIDDING ME!!! This guy was doing body suits before u even knew how to put a machine together (if they can even do that) or that Sailor Jerry was just a flash artist that put cartoons on people, people need to do their homework and I need colleagues that find the same things important that I do. People that don't talk outta their ass thinking they know where tattooing came from and then slamming the artists that pushed the envelope.  When I broke down and actually showed him Ed's work at first he didn't believe me then of course he's impressed and I'm like ya and that was late 70s early 80s and it still looks amazing so have some respect. This ignorance shouldn't even b allowed in the tattoo industry.  Only artists that frequently get dropped are bob tyrell, Paul booth, maybe Guy. Not that all 3 aren't amaZing but if that's ur idea of of the only greats that made out industry the way it is, and u hear Lyle Tuttle and look like a deer in the headlights, or Thom de Vita and u state off in space, do us all a favor..,... Read a book. And if u can't read u shouldn't b tattooing lol.   Comment please, add to the discussion, share in my frustration

..,..end rant😈

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