Saturday, August 30, 2014

Black and gray rose

Jolly Roger Krusty the Clown skull and crossbones

Our friend is on the journey to complete a full Simpsons back piece we already got an outline of Bartman and Krazy Krusty but this is a tattoo that part had in the future just modified a bit. But this is just the beginning!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Simpsons tattoo Flying Hellfish

On Fxx there's been a 12 day Simpsons marathon and Trav and I have been watching a ton of it. When Trav was younger he was die hard fan so when we saw it he knew that the Hellfish logo would be a good one.

Baby footprints

Added to name cover up with pocket watch and flowers

When we covered up the name we did it with the anchor we added the pocket watch and the 2 bigger flowers I really like how this is turning out

Army of Darkness

This is one if my proudest tattoos I've loved this movie for years so I was so excited to tackle this piece I'm really stoked on how it came out on the inside of his arm we're doing another Evil Dead tattoo you'll just have to wait and see

Background to finished half sleeve on forearm

We tied the bottom half of his sleeve together with some clouds and other black and gray designs

Lotus with ohm symbol

Name cover up with flowers

Alien Type Fetus

Alien type fetus there's another symmetrically on the left side should be coloring that in soon

Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Buddha touch up

I didn't do the original piece but I'm starting to re work the whole piece in time. We stated with the Buddha first

Karate kid quote

My brother and I loved these movies growing up, the other day we were watching #2 so Trav got a quote on the side of his hand

Owl Dagger

I did this dagger on my brother Travis that is starting to learn how to pierce at Skin Deep, same place where I work so I'm pumped for him. This design was colored very traditionally but we decided to color it different but wanted to design so have that American traditional feel to it

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Goomba touch up

I tattooed this Goomba on my brother a while ago but he was in the sun too much so it needed a touch up badly. After months of giving him crap to fix it today we finally did