Saturday, December 6, 2014

You know what burns my bum.....

YTattoo artists that don't know shit about tattoo history or slam icons that made the tattoo industry what it is today. I've worked with people who say Ed Hardy sucked as a tattooist!!!! R U KIDDING ME!!! This guy was doing body suits before u even knew how to put a machine together (if they can even do that) or that Sailor Jerry was just a flash artist that put cartoons on people, people need to do their homework and I need colleagues that find the same things important that I do. People that don't talk outta their ass thinking they know where tattooing came from and then slamming the artists that pushed the envelope.  When I broke down and actually showed him Ed's work at first he didn't believe me then of course he's impressed and I'm like ya and that was late 70s early 80s and it still looks amazing so have some respect. This ignorance shouldn't even b allowed in the tattoo industry.  Only artists that frequently get dropped are bob tyrell, Paul booth, maybe Guy. Not that all 3 aren't amaZing but if that's ur idea of of the only greats that made out industry the way it is, and u hear Lyle Tuttle and look like a deer in the headlights, or Thom de Vita and u state off in space, do us all a favor..,... Read a book. And if u can't read u shouldn't b tattooing lol.   Comment please, add to the discussion, share in my frustration

..,..end rant😈

Friday, December 5, 2014

Tattoo artists

So as some might know I am looking for a shop to work out of again. This was a big eye opener over the last year, started as a dream, good people, good location, then things got worse and worse.
     One thing I'd like to bring up is the totem pole in the shop, this is normal, one person is seat one then seat 2 and so on. Totally normal , however ud think the number 1 artist would b in the shop more (he's the owner) however after many months it changed, I live 45 min from the shop by car he lives 5 min away by walking, so it became that I would go to work, and if someone came in I would have to call him txt him a pic to set a price or even worse he'd come in and do the tat, so I'm the bait and he gets the fish, unless of course it's my client. Still a strange situation. 
      But my rant more goes out to u other tattoo artists, now I'm the kind of tattooist that prides himself on doing whatever comes in the door, portraits, b&g, color, realism, traditional, whatever, however if it's realism I'll find a photograph to go from or I'm gonna get references to draw a design that is custom unless the client wants a flash piece, eagles, roses, lots of traditional r strong images people want. However how do all u tattoo artists feel about searching google, finding a tattoo of a well drawn design and well done tattoo and then seriously copying it, making the stencil by hand right from the printout of the tattoo, I saw full sleeves being done this way, collaborations of other peoples custom tats and made into a collage sleeve, no original anything, no flash, I'm talking detailed custom designs already on flesh and taken basically plagerized, now I don't know how any client never caught on and said ya I like that but I want it to b mine, they just went along with it, i know I wouldn't have, plus any client that brought in tattoo pics that were done I would talk em into letting me change it to b custom. 
      Am I just off the mark? Artists, clients, tattoo enthusiasts, comment on this, tell me and the world what u think.  I'm gonna make this blog a place where the tattoo community can really lay it out, say what u mean, I'm in Maine but we r open to all. And ur voice counts.  Do u think plagerized tats r cool, of even acceptable? I know where I stand but I wanna hear from the masses. Funny cause I can go on google and match the original to the tattoo to the new copy that's now walking around Maine, the internet is awesome but it has made some tattooists lazy and at a loss of creativity. Do u agree? I feel I work my ass off to bring something new or diff or a modification to the styles we have, but I see artists scoot by in their shops just copying, they copy good work so it looks good but is it right?  I was told customers don't care if it's already a tattoo as long as it looks good, I agree with the archetype traditional images we r attracted to, the panther clawing in, the eagle on The chest, etc.  but other than that I feel copying a custom tat and then passing it off as ur own is wrong, no credit to the artist, the person who paid for the original would b pissed. But this is the type of frustration I had at my last shop. In a year the other artist drew NOTHING, not one tat, he borrowed drawings from me cause he couldn't find what he wanted online,  how can u b a great artist and not draw or paint or do anything but copy others work, and I feel I am the only one that noticed this is wrong. I'd hear from his wife about how amazing artist he is? Am I just retarded lol, I mean fundementally he is a great artist, he can copy with the best of em, but is that cool? Just copying? Bringing nothing to the table.  So if U read the post, leave a comment, I'll b continuing with my career I just need like minded peeps, and I like to hear what others have to say about things like this

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Touch up on Black and Gray realistic Tiger

I wanted to go in and fix anything that might of needed any improvements or just to make it pop some more 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beagle paw print

My beagle died in September and I've been wondering what to get for a tattoo for him, today Justin tattooed a beagles paw print behind my ear with his dates. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Realistic Tiger

Here's a black and gray tiger that Justin did today on virgin skin, he got one sick first tattoo he did it right!


Cover up with Bear

There was some uncolored tribal and starting to coverup his lower forearm with a bear